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LETTER: Legalizing pot a terrible idea

Letters to the Editor.
Letters to the Editor. - SaltWire Network

Legalizing a drug like marijuana will not stop young people from using it, it will increase consumption.

Kevin Page, the Parliamentary budget officer, estimates 600,000 new users will start using marijuana if it becomes legal in Canada.

Marijuana is extremely dangerous for user aged 14 - 25 since the teenage brain is developing.

I love my family; we don't use drugs, I love my city, Charlottetown, I don't want the citizens using drugs.

Same goes for my province and great country Canada.

It is currently illegal to buy, sell, possess and traffic the drug.

Why in heavens name are we now going to force the provinces in Canada to now become drug dealers?

The current users of marijuana are going to buy from their local friend or drug dealer. Why will they start buying from the provinces ?

What the federal government and provinces should be doing is spending more effort, time and money advertising why recreational marijuana is bad for you.

We have laws in this country. Use the law and our resources to put drug dealers out of business.

Legalizing recreational marijuana is sending the wrong signal to youth and people in Canada. It is making marijuana use socially acceptable.

Am I the only citizen that is hurt, angry and upset with this plan?

Scott Weeks,


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