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LETTER: Legalization poses concerns

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I am a retired RCMP officer and I have concerns about the legalization of marijuana and the problems we will face because of it.

The government has spent millions of dollars informing us about the hazards of smoking and here they are promoting marijuana, which you smoke. An increase in lung cancer is inevitable which makes this idea so disastrous. This will cost millions of more health dollars to treat and lives will be lost as a consequence.

Marijuana has a cumulative effect, and that's why some employers have their employees take a urine test before going onto the work site. Productivity and safety will be greatly affected.

Police have no way of testing to see if a person is high while driving. Can you imagine the carnage caused by people driving high. Many more accidents and lives ruined. The cases that will come before our courts!

Studies show marijuana causes an increase in mental health problems, particularly schizophrenia - shown to result in many suicides.

Legalizing marijuana will have a lasting effect on future generations. I and many others rightfully are concerned for our grandchildren.

Robert Campbell,


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