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LETTER: Leader puts self ahead of debate

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor - SaltWire Network

I am someone who cares deeply about public policy and good government.

I want our politicians to be careful and thoughtful - and put the public good above their own interests.

This last week, Green party leader Peter Bevan Baker put his own interests ahead of respectful debate.

He decided to engage in a stunt, whereby he got himself deservedly kicked out of the House.

I believe he did that to cover over the fact that neither he nor his party have any policies that are worth talking about. In fact, the only subject that seems to interest Peter Bevan-Baker is electoral reform. And we all know he likes that subject because he believes it is a pathway to more seats in the House.

But, I believe Islanders are catching on. They have looked below the surface and found there is nothing there.

The Greens are all about show, with no substance. In other words, deep down, they are very, very shallow.

J. Bruce MacIsaac,


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