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LETTER: Land purchases

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There appears to be much concern in the Montague and surrounding areas over the sale of land. The Monks that represent GEBIS seem to be buying up an inordinate amount of acreage. People are divided on the issue. Some say we have more important issues to deal with. Some ask why are we picking on these gentle peaceful monks. Others worry about the island losing large portions of valuable farm land. However, the more important question is, where is all the cash coming from? I find it difficult to believe the monks are wealthy. Surely their purpose is not about financial gain? Who funds these purchases? Who is GEBIS and/or who is behind them? I found it very strange when MLA Alan Roach so forcefully argued against GEBIS appearing before the committee on Lands Use and Protection in the spring of 2018. I believe it’s beyond the time for our government to provided answers to these questions. An immediate and serious investigation is clearly required.

F. Ben Rodgers,

Abram Village

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