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LETTER: Lack of referendum help

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I phoned the number that was on the (Referendum P.E.I.) pamphlet that we received in the mail to find out one question. I spoke to two people and no one would answer anything. They referred me to another one which is Elections Canada. And I spoke to them and they referred me back to the same number because nobody knew anything. The same roller coaster over and over again. Finally, I phoned the office of Wade MacLauchlan and I spoke to her and I asked her if I could talk to anybody in there that would know or could help me. No one could help me. I am very unhappy. I came to the conclusion that the people that are working for the government are very inept and incompetent. Why can't I find a simple answer? And I asked the question - why the first past the post is use provincial and federally in Canada? I know that they just want you to vote on the question – yes or no. But it has been defied in the federal government. Why is this surfacing now? What is the purpose of that?

Nicole Robertson,

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