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LETTER: Keep statue of Sir. John A.

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John A. Macdonald was front and centre during the 1864 Charlottetown Conference that led up to Confederation, the most significant date in the history of this remarkable country. Initially, this conference came about to unite only the three Maritime colonies. However, Macdonald pushed for the bigger picture, that was to join all the British North American colonies together into one country. The American Civil War was in full force and he knew that whoever won the war, they would continue on to the north and take over the colonies.

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History shows us that politicians don't always make the right judgments; Macdonald included.

We all know that our First Nations peoples have been treated unfairly in the past and that reconciliation is so important. However, we can only guess how our First Nations peoples would have survived under U.S. rule.

I believe that the majority of our First Nations peoples on P.E.I. know how important Macdonald was during Confederation and are in favor of keeping the statue at Queen and Richmond.

To the city hall, Victoria, B.C., kindly ship the statue to Charlottetown so we can erect it in front of the Hon. George Coles Building.

Rod MacLean,


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