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LETTER: Justice for Seniors - Starting with cash

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I believe that all seniors, as well as others, deserve better treatment from the federal Liberal gang of PM Justin Trudeau in Ottawa. Justice for seniors could start with at least $1,500 to $1,600 monthly for those over 65 years of age.
I honestly think this is justified, especially at a time when our country and others are ramping up many billions of dollars annually on weapons of war and conflict in the world. Why are they spending vast amounts of money on harmful weapons instead of trying to extend the hand of friendships and kindness in our world for peace instead? In my opinion, when these many billions of our tax dollars are spent in this manner, then seniors should be entitled to a guaranteed income, a universal one for all. Why should some seniors over 65 years old get between $800 to $900 monthly while, to my understanding, others are getting double this amount? If our federal Liberals won't pick up on positive ideas like these by the public, then maybe the Conservative or NDP parties might have the vision, foresight, and kindness to pick up on them with a federal election looming this year. If you agree, you can write to your PM or MP and demand justice for seniors and less money on expensive weapons of war and extend the hand of friendship and peaceful ways in our world instead. It seems this makes a lot more sense than the way things are now going in our world.

Lloyd Pickering,
Sea View

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