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LETTER: Joe Byrne’s leadership

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I would like to respond to the recent editorials that have appeared in your paper in relation to the leadership of Joe Byrne of the NDP. We live in a representative democracy. Joe’s leadership is centred in this and his desire is to make it more truly representative. Accordingly, to be truly representative we must hear from all people and they must know their voices are respected. Joe’s leadership is grounded in trying to make this happen.

In particular, his leadership is shaped by groups of people who are underrepresented in the legislature. These include women, indigenous people, refugees and immigrants, the working poor, social assistance recipients, visible minorities and the LGBT community.

Joe’s leadership flows from his life grounded with living and working for those whose voices have not been heard. Joe’s leadership comes from his life experiences with struggling humanity whether that be his years with the marginalized of the Dominican Republic or with newcomers, immigrants and refugees here on the Island. This leadership is driven by social justice. This leadership comes from a collective listening and giving priority to those most vulnerable, including the land, sea and air from which we all live. This is a leadership style which would benefit the Island legislature. If we are truly looking for change, Joe would be a powerful voice for that change.

Phil Callaghan,


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