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LETTER: Jeers to Dennis King

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In response to the editors comment in the 'jeers' column on Dennis King's “misogynistic” and “judgmental” tweets when he was what he termed a “storyteller and comedian,” didn't anyone ever think to tell him "say it, forget it – write it, regret it." Or maybe he wasn't listening?

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful stand-up comedian Ron James at a show I took part in at the Confederation Center of the Arts. After the show, I was lucky enough to spend some time chatting with Ron backstage. And, listening to his account of his adventures in his climb in the comedy business, I was struck by his sense of manners, sincerity and choice of language. In short – a very nice guy. In a later show, he recounted a story about the below standard service he had received from Air Canada.

To paraphrase slightly, he said, "if this is what the best is doing, I'd hate to see what the runners up have got to offer." And really, isn't this is a sad commentary on a Party that's been well known for shooting itself in the collective feet over the last few years. And, shouldn't it concern them that if this is their winner, what is the caliber of the also-rans?

Bruce MacEwen,


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