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LETTER: Infringement of one’s rights

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What I can’t understand is why infringement of rights with regards to smoking of any kind isn’t important for it to become law on Prince Edward Island and legalization of marijuana is? When they first taxed tobacco they didn’t know the health risks to the person smoking it and to the person getting it secondhand. I’m one of those people who got it secondhand during the time my mom was pregnant with me. At that time, there wasn’t any information on the health risks; marijuana is no different.

We now have more information on tobacco and how much of a burden it is on our healthcare system. I went for a walk recently and passed a woman smoking marijuana pushing a child in a stroller. It made me very angry. Who protects their rights?

I’ve had to put up with someone’s marijuana smoking in my apartment building for five years before it was legal. They would open their apartment door and let the marijuana smoke filter into the hallways so everyone was affected. This person also said to me, “What are you going to do when it’s legal . . . it will be everywhere.”

There lies the problem. If I wanted to smoke it I could. I choose not to and don’t wish to secondhand.

Tamara MacDonald,


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