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LETTER: In support of Ms. Biggar

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If I was going to send a letter to someone who spoke English, I would send my letter in English. Ms. Gallant is almost certainly either a Conservative or Green Party member and is trying to stir up the pot. The response government sent to Gallant should be accepted by Gallant and she needs to move on. I stand behind Paula Biggar and I hope the government grows a set and stands behind her too.

The French Languages Service Act shouldn't be used as a shield to get behind and shake your fist. Try to get along. Brad Trivers says he thinks the e-mail was sent to all ministers so he must not have read it in its entirety as it says here that the e-mail was sent to Ms. Biggar. You must get all the facts, Brad. Not just the ones that suit you.

And the good old Green party, who thinks the carbon tax would be a good thing, what can I say? I bet Peter isn't living from one cheque to the next like most of us.

Ted Gallant,


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