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LETTER: How green our pastures

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The residents of P.E.I. awoke November 28 to learn that the Green Party of P.E.I. had, as the result of a byelection in Charlottetown, doubled its seats in our legislature.

Surely this occurrence will send the political parties of “Whispering” Wade and “Petered out” McQuaid a message that, the winds of change are blowing across our Island province.

It is obvious to this writer that the emergence of Green Party leader Peter Bevan-Baker as a statesman, who respects our environment and the urgency of its protection, has resulted in the byelection victory.

Mr. Bevan-Baker also presents himself as someone who cares about the opinions of Islanders and respects their input and advice.

The addition of Hannah Bell to the Green Party in the house bodes well for the continued growth of the Green Party across our province.

I also see this occurrence as an excellent opportunity for the newer, younger, elected members of the legislature, who presently serve in both of the old, tired political parties, and are being held back from promotion within a structure that appears to reject change as an option, to assess their options and consider joining the reinvigorated Green Party.

Go Green Go!

Elmer Williams,


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