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LETTER: Hospital staff deserves kudos

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I had a recent appointment (on a Friday) at the QEH for a CT scan. I knew I needed X-rays within three months of my appointment with the surgeon who would be performing my knee replacements; so, on Thursday I called my family doctor to see how long it had been since my X-rays had been performed - it was eight months.

How time flies. I requested a requisition then for new X-rays and told the receptionist that I would pick it up on Friday morning. My appointment was for noon and I arrived around 11. When I got up to my turn in the lineup, I was asked if I was Joanne Lord MacLeod; I answered to the affirmative. I was looking through my wallet for my health card. I was told I didn't need it as she already had all the information.

I then asked if there was a possibility that I get my X-rays done. She asked for the requisition and they wheeled me down to the room to wait for my appointment. I was taken in early for the CT scan; it was

completed and I was wheeled up to X-ray where I went in at 12 noon for them. When the X-rays were complete, the technician wheeled me right up to the front door.

I have nothing but compliments to share with you in this letter. I think we tend to complain more easily than compliment. Kudos

staff at the QEH.

Joanne Lord MacLeod,


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