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LETTER: Hospital staff goes extra mile

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I was in the KCMH in Montague from Nov. 9, 2017 to Jan. 26, 2018 with a broken ankle. The care I got there from the doctors, nurses (RN’s, LPN’s and PCW’s), the physio staff, the ward clerks, the dietary department and the housekeeping staff was very exceptional. All of them showed much compassion and kindness in all areas. They met my needs, they went the extra mile for me.

Like Wayne MacLeod said in a letter a couple of weeks ago, it is a “diamond in the rough.” Let’s not ever lose this rural gem.

The hospital is outdated, having been built in 1970. It does not have the capacity for persons with disabilities (I am one, having suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2001) to be able to move about freely (e.g., the rooms are very crowded, there is not a wheelchair bathroom) but that did not stop the staff for ensuring my needs were met.

I appreciate Dr. Terry Magennis and the staff of KCMH for making my stay so pleasurable and comfortable.

Theresa Kenny,

Retired RN,

St. Teresa

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