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LETTER: Hospital patients got chance to vote

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Having spent too much time in the QEH recently, l have a couple of things to share.

First, which is no surprise to anyone who has needed to be there, the nurses are wonderful. Their careful attention, their compassion, their cheerfulness while doing so much to help one who is ill...They are all angels in disguise. Hugs to you, all.

Second, if you haven't been in hospital on a voting day, you may not even think of the patients and what they do. It was a huge surprise that we all get our chance to vote. There were many teams who covered every patient in the hospital in only two hours. Hospital administration supplied the large number of polling officers and with each was a volunteer.

That isn't amazing enough to touch the whole thing. This happens in our hospitals and nursing homes. This happens quietly, while those of us who haven't needed medical attention go and vote in the normal fashion. This is a most impressive task.

Thank you, Elections P.E.I. Thank you, all of the hospital and nursing homes people and to all the volunteers who make this a reality.

Congratulations to the new mayors and councillors. May you each have productive terms, benefitting each of your cities and your people.

Carl Mathis,


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