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LETTER: Honour them all

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I am writing this letter to express my interest in also having a say in regards to a monument being placed after demolition where the old Prince Edward Home is. I was born there, and my father watched as I took my first breath. Years later, my father got sick and was in Palliative Care, where I saw him take his last breath. I watched as his mother, my loving grandmother, took her last breath on Unit 4. I was born there. I worked there and met some of the most amazing people there – both as patients and coworkers, families of patients who later became lifelong friends. Having been a part of an amazing group of workers at the Prince Edward Home, I think I can say with honesty that we all experienced some of the best and worst days of our lives there, as I'm sure anyone who was a part of the old Prince Edward Island Hospital would say as well. As a tribute to all who worked there in whatever capacity it was, born there, took their last breaths there, and had to live there for a time for whatever reason – I think it only fittings that we should honour them all.

Kim Roberts,


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