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LETTER: High-power parts not between legs

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Now that we have a new cabinet, and a period of time to formulate regulations in preparation for summer, I wish to advance some notions on motorcycle noise.

Two types of biker get right up my nostrils. First, there is the crotch rocket type, who rides a bike with bars way forward and foot-pegs set way back, and a silly little seat also way back. These fellows just can’t leave their throttles alone, and we hear them screaming around, brrm, brrm, brrm at the traffic lights making a shattering racket.

Then we have the Easy Rider Peter Fonda types. They ride utterly useless bikes with long front forks, ape-hanger bars, foot-pegs set way forward, and silly hard seats set low. Their bikes have no mufflers, and they too can’t leave their throttles alone, blat, blat, blat at the traffic lights.

Both sets of poor fellows must be suffering very small reproductive organs. They compensate by roaring around sounding off their high power parts that do not live in their jeans but between their legs in the frames of their bikes.

Thankfully, there are still some highly evolved humans who ride proper motorcycles that are suitable for public roads. We do see them from time to time.

I say to the legislators, it’s just a matter of will, not a very difficult problem, to bring silence and refinement to our roads. Consequently we may see lots of very nice motorcycles and their well-mannered riders gracing our roads this summer.

Peter Noakes,


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