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LETTER: Help diversity with immigrants

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In recent years, P.E.I., as well as other parts of Canada, have opened up to refugees. The problem is that in P.E.I. the government don’t do a great job of spreading these refugees around the province. Currently, the government is putting these refugees just in Charlottetown and it’s hard to find homes for people who already lives on the island. It would be easier to move the refugees to other parts of the Island.

According to the recent P.E.I. Population Report, approximately 2,102 immigrants arrived in P.E.I. last year -- most of them are in the Charlottetown area. People who live outside of the Charlottetown area never see some of these immigrants.

If the government was to spread these refugees throughout P.E.I. it would increase the diversity to other parts of the island. That way refugees can find more places to live. Small towns such as Souris and Georgetown have a low population of refugees than places like Charlottetown or Montague. In these small towns, people are more racist against immigrants. Putting more immigrants into these towns would increase the exposure to different kinds of people and cultures.

These refugees are pretty much part of the island now. Help to grow our diversity by giving them more places to live can help spread that diversity. It’ll help to make people less racist against the newcomers, and more accepting to new people/things.

Erica Tung,

Souris Regional, Grade 12

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