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LETTER: Hello, Mr. Premier; are you listening?

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I hope you read the two recent guest opinions in The Guardian. They were both well thought-out, clearly explained, and ready for government action.

Peter Blanding’s suggestion to harvest, and use excess crops is brilliant in its simplicity. Too bad the government whiz kids didn’t think of it years ago.

Betty Wilcox’s reflections of the 2016 plebiscite should have all of us demanding that you honour your commitment to electoral reform. Party politics, and party rule in particular, no longer represents a true cross-section of our society, if in fact it ever did.

Perhaps a little positive action from P.E.I. will give Justin the nudge he obviously needs to follow through on his reform commitments as well.

Well done, Mr. Blanding and Ms. Wilcox. A comment from Premier Wade on these topics will indicate that he is indeed listening to the voters. We shall see.

Shawn Landon,

Murray Harbour

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