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LETTER: Heed warnings about water use


I'm an Islander on vacation in California and normally I wouldn't take the time from my travel to write an MLA (Robert Mitchell). However, I feel I must take a moment to concur with Don Mazer and Marie-Ann Bowden's recent letter published on Thursday, March 30, in The Guardian asking for a little more time to ensure comprehensive input into the formation of our new Water Act.

It's here in drought-plagued California I'm reminded about how fragile and necessary water is to both our economy and our survival. A few days ago a well-educated and informed gentleman of this country recently asked me what I thought the USA really wanted from Canada. With an attempt at humour I said somewhat facetiously, political sanctuary? Without blinking, and without humour, he said, "Nope, it’s your water." 

While California is far from Prince Edward Island, the issue of water protection is neither far from any place, nor anyone. To this end, and I do trust you are well intentioned in your pursuits, I urge you to heed those amongst us that understand our water challenges. To limit discussion is to limit our vision and, at this critical juncture, that may not bode well for Islanders, especially our grandchildren. 

Thanks for remaining open minded.


Walter Wilkins,



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