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I would like to join the discussion now regarding the Confederation Bridge toll. Kevin Waugh in The Guardian on May 7 made a significant point. The Summerside councillors and P.E.I. senator are now involved in arguing to stop the P.E.I. residents from being considered second-class Canadians with the heavy toll to exit from the Island. I have only two points. One, an honest attempt is to be made to assess the amount of toll fee collected by the company so far, the average collected every year, maybe also every day, and to examine if the collections so far have not paid off many times the one billion investments they made. This should help the government to negotiate with the company. This study also should include the increase in the volume of vehicles on the bridge from what might have been projected at the beginning in the 1990s. Second, the argument that P.E.I. business will suffer if the toll is removed. This argument again makes P.E.I. residents captives to local business, denying them the competitive edge. It simply neglects the increase in volume of business a toll-free bridge crossing will bring to P.E.I., benefiting the P.E.I. farmers and fishermen, small operators, the restaurants, to UPEI, etc.? Is there any thought given to the possibly that significant increase in the visitors and tourists to UPEI from other islands and parts of the country, who may bring substantial revenue to the government and to local businesses. The new government in P.E.I. should have a serious look at this issue and make the federal government give us our rightful due as citizen with equal treatment.

George Palamattam,


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