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LETTER: Group questions climate change

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It is shocking that the Guardian would publish Tom Harris' letter calling for an increase of CO2 emissions without providing background on who he is and what The International Climate Science Coalition does. His group engages in denying and sowing doubt about the reality of climate change.

Previously, deniers said there was no climate change, now they say that it's happening but it’s a good thing. That is untrue, and the Guardian has a responsibility to not aid the spreading of such destructive ideas. There is no credible doubt in the scientific community that CO2 is causing climate change, and that it is the greatest threat facing humanity.

The Heartland Institute denies this reality and pours money into organizations such as The International Climate Science Coalition. That name is meant to mislead the public and bestow legitimacy upon a group that is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the fossil fuel industry.

The Heartland Institute devoted time and resources to lobbying for the tobacco industry and spreading doubt about the links between smoking and lung cancer, and they have done the same for the fossil fuel industry. Sources of their funding include David Koch and Philip Morris, as well as the Mercer family, who provide major financial support to Trump and those who promote his agenda, such as Brietbart News.

The America First Energy Conference that he mentions was put on by the Heartland Institute; it was a partisan, pro-fossil fuel industry gathering.

Ryan Faulds,


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