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LETTER: Green leader stands ground

Letter to the editor
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My hat is off to the leader of the Green party of P.E.I. for standing his ground when attacked by the two tired old parties, who fell short of what we as citizens expect of them.

I find it interesting to this writer that, the party of Robert Ghiz and Wes Sheridan, would have the nerve to object to the leader of the Green party, for calling out the lack of work ethic, by the old parties and their members.

It is especially curious to this writer that my old friend Richard Brown, who was dropped from cabinet, would opt to carry the water for his party.

More to the point of this letter, it is becoming obvious to this writer that the evidence of fear and panic by the old parties is increasing, since the byelection of Hannah Bell to the legislature.

To paraphrase Donald Trump, I say that should this behaviour continue, the result could be that the leader of the Green party could become great again.

Elmer Williams,


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