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LETTER: Government dictates to voters

Voting. (File image)
Voting. (File image)

Re: “Democracy red alert” article in the Guardian. I think if we are to have a referendum on Proportional Representation (PR) or any other subject for that matter, whoever comes out and votes in it, these should be the only votes that count, and the majority should win. That's how democracy works.

OPINION: Democracy red alert

How does Bill 38 do this? If you do not vote in this referendum for/against PR, it basically counts as a vote against PR. Your 'non-vote' taken away by the Bill 38 and used as a vote against PR. How does that feel? How is that democracy? Do you feel your rights are being violated?

"Under the proposed Act, if less than half of all general election voters participate in the referendum, then even if 100 percent of referendum voters say they want change, the result is still not considered ‘binding." - Anna Keenan.

It feels to me that the Liberal government would like to dictate rather than encourage voters to have a voice and listen to that voice. This is an act to suppress Islanders and will only lead to disdain in our communities.

What respect can we expect? Well, I think we should expect this Bill 38, which dismantles the right for an individual's vote to count and basically votes for an individual in a referendum when they do not vote, to be quashed.

What politicians in legislature have enough respect for all of us, to get rid of Bill 38? It should not even exist.

Karalee McAskill,

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