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LETTER: Government breaks law

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As a Canadian citizen, Wednesday was the day I can legally smoke or consume cannabis. Well, not on P.E.I. apparently. This government has decided that smoking or vaping will not be allowed in government housing. Smoking tobacco is already not allowed in government buildings but my building is a smoking building. So, a decision to actively break their own law is OK but I can't partake in my own home.

What they have just told me is that I don't have the same rights as the smokers of tobacco in my building. I am a Canadian citizen with the same rights as other citizens. So the solution is to immediately ban all smoking in government housing and so as not to infringe on their rights, the department will have to provide all the smokers with cessation programs. Or continue to break the law and have a two-tier system of rights.

I am not against tobacco but I am against a decision that negates my rights. And not to forget this same government is gleefully lining up for the tax dollars that cannabis will provide. Same rights for all is a must for any government calling itself a democracy.

Wendy Budgeon,


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