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LETTER: FPTP is system of the back room

Islanders were going to the polls a year ago in the plebiscite on electoral reform
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Islanders will be voting on electoral reform.

We certainly got to hear a lot of fear and misinformation from the “No” side in the opinion section of the Guardian on Mar. 9. I'd like to set the record straight about a couple of things.

MMP is very straight forward. You put an X by the candidate you like for your riding, and an X next to the name you like the best for the party you're voting for on the second ballot.

It's completely transparent. You see exactly who you're voting for, and what we vote is what we get. If a party gets 40 per cent of the vote, they get 40 per cent of the seats.

The parties have to be transparent about who is on the list, and the candidates who get in are the ones people voted for. The winners represent the whole Island. There's nothing "back room" about it.

That's the way it should be. Would we tolerate it if legislation was passed in the legislature with 40 per cent of the MLAs? No we would not. So why are we tolerating parties with minority support having total power? And what, exactly, has that gotten us?

The confusing system, the real system of the party backroom, is FPTP. A vote for FPTP is a vote for the status quo that gave us the Imperial party back room in the first place.

Vote Yes P.E.I. to MMP to throw open a window and let in some air.

Stephen DeGrace


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