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LETTER: Former councillor eyes mayor’s job?

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For a number of years there has been a rumour floating around that the City of Summerside was secretly planning to build an east-west connector roadway from Read’s Corner to Ryan Street.

Last month when the contractors moved in and built a road that appeared to go nowhere, I recalled that my friend, the late Benny Mills, had told me some years ago that he could not develop his acreage on MacEwen Road unless he gave the City of Summerside an easement through his property, which would divide his land into two parcels, thereby reducing its value.

I asked a city councillor what was going on. He shrugged his shoulders and said that he had heard that the property owners were preparing to expand and build more rental units.

And shortly thereafter, I see a press release announcing that the sitting councillor of Ward 8 stated that he would continue to push for the east-west connector road for Wilmot. This caused me to wonder why our city politicians continue to keep secret any plans or changes that are being considered.

I believe that this behaviour will continue unless voters reject those long-serving members of council who will, in all likelihood, continue to operate behind closed doors. Therefore, I urge all voters to take a hard look at the candidates prior to casting their ballot.

As a former city councilor, I feel compelled to run for mayor. Should I opt to do so, you can rest assured that things will change.

Elmer Williams,


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