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LETTER: Food festivals offer information

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The provincial government is looking for feedback so they can create a “Food Awareness Day” and a “Food Awareness Week.” This will give the minister of agriculture and the minister of fisheries the option to set local food goals/objectives for organizations on P.E.I.

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What a crock! We have many food festivals that focus on island food products. Why do we need money spent on a booklet to tell Islanders about our local food and how to use it?

This government just increased the food allowance by a miserly amount. About the same time, they gave millions of tax dollars to three companies. Does this make sense?

What does make sense is to feed the Islanders who are most vulnerable. Mr. Premier, please make life on this “Food Island” a life that allows all Islanders the ability to enjoy the bounty of P.E.I.

Leah-Jane Hayward,

President, NDP P.E.I.

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