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LETTER: Flyer attacks immigration

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I was appalled when I received a racist flyer in my community mailbox from Immigration Watch Canada, claiming that immigration was ruining P.E.I. and Canada at large. This hateful organization maintains that allowing immigrants into Canada will “lead to the replacement of Canada’s founding majority population” and that “diversity is not our strength. It is our disaster.”

This thinking is sickening, racist and deeply misinformed. Immigration is necessary to grow Canada’s economy as many of our citizens retire. In P.E.I., immigration helps fill critical labour gaps and buttress rural populations. Economics aside, the diversity of cultures and ideas in our population is one of the things I most love about our country.

Immigration Watch Canada is distributing hate filled propaganda. I encourage all citizens and organizations to reach out to their government representatives to condemn Immigration Watch Canada, or volunteer with organizations that support new Canadians. Not only that, reach out to new Canadians in your community and let them know this organization does not speak for us. Immigrants are welcome here.

Trudy Spooner,


Council of Canadians, P.E.I. Chapter

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