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LETTER: Fish sales bankroll North Korean arms

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So there I was at the QEH in Charlottetown recently, waiting to see the doctor and watching TV. The TV was fixed to the CBC. Normally, I don’t pay close attention to the CBC as it is far too left wing for me. But this time they had a point. They reported that Walmart, the largest grocer in the world, is selling fish, purchased from North Korea through the violent dictator Kim Jong-un. He is doing this is because his extortion game has not worked well on the current American administration. This brings the possibility of armed conflict with NATO to a high point.

And every time we buys fish, of all things, from Walmart, we help finance the possibility of that violent conflict. As Atlantic Canada provides 25 per cent of Canada’s armed services personnel, our soldiers will be some of the first to respond to any armed conflict.

We do not need to import fish. Nor do we need to support a government or company that is not worthy of our trust.

I am hoping you are like me and feel the need to do something. May I suggest something simple and cost effective and make our point to Walmart and North Korea.

Consider relocating your business to another pharmacy. This has the advantage of costing little or nothing to us, while it reduces Walmart’s and North Korea’s income. We can further sweeten the pot by refusing to buy any fish from Walmart.

Wayne Burke,


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