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LETTER: Farming remains honourable work

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I feel the opinion article entitled "A potato image problem" in Friday’s Guardian by Vision P.E.I. members Dale Small and John E. Clow was unfair and mean-spirited. Furthermore, while the thesis and wrath of the piece was directed at potato farmers, I considered it to be a denunciation of all farmers.

The labour of food production is honourable, important work. Those

called into this life's work have indigenous knowledge dating back

generations in many cases.

Most have enhanced this knowledge formally at post secondary universities and continuing education throughout their lifetime. Folks don't seem to value farmer’s judgment and vocation anymore.

The view from my armchair, as I read the newspaper and reflect on the

opinions of others, is that modern society could do much worse than

having family farmers choosing what seeds to plant, deciding how those

crops will be grown and to whom we will sell the fruits of our labour. I

feel it is a matter of food sovereignty and food security.

Randall Affleck,

Lower Bedeque

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