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LETTER: Equal treatment for Mackenzie King

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First it was the call by the history manipulators to remove the statue of Lt. Gen. Edward Cornwallis, Governor of Nova Scotia. Then came a cabal of teachers and schoolboard members’ shrill call in Ontario to remove from school textbooks all references to our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

What I have yet to hear is a call by the left-wing elements to remove all references to and statues of former Prime Minister Mackenzie King. Why not? Based on the current logic of the people waving placards on the street, why not a call for equal treatment?

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Prime Minister King conducted a government which inflicted a black mark on our country’s reputation. During his government, he acquiesced to the bigotry of senior bureaucrats, a weak immigration minister and a gaggle of MPs. When the world answered the call to save millions of Jewish refugees condemned to torture and death, the Canadian government did nothing but stall and prevaricate, resulting in only a trickle of Jewish refuges entering our country.

If this is not reason enough to bring shame on our country, King was booed by our troops in England. His government failed to send badly needed reinforcements in a timely manner after the invasion of Normandy. Many of our regiments lost troops because they were under strength or in their words, bled to death.

The bias exhibited by the current crop of historical interpreters is troublesome.

Garth E. Staples,


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