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LETTER: Effluent threatens Strait

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Effluent from the Northern Pulp plant in Pictou, to be pumped directly into the Northumberland Strait via sub-sea pipe: 70,000,000 litres = 2,472,026 cubic feet = 468 miles of cubic feet.

That’s 468 miles of treated effluent a day - going directly into the Northumberland Strait. If my math is right - this is nearly seven times the circumference of the earth per year. There is no logical way to defend this abuse of our oceans and our planets.

(The pipe is to replace the 140-hectare waste-water lagoon at Boat Harbour, used for 50 years, which the government has promised to close by 2020. The pipe replacement will carry effluent directly into the Northumberland Strait, several kilometres from the mill via the sub-sea pipe.)

Surely, there are alternative uses for this plant that would have almost nil or no negative impacts on future generations of fishermen from all regions in Atlantic Canada.

Our leaders need to wake up and address this issue head on immediately.

Terry Hashimoto,


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