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LETTER: Education costs hurt job options

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An important societal issue, in not just our country but in our own town, is the cost of post-secondary education. After high school you have the choice to continue your education or to go right into the workforce, but one problem for students just coming out of high school is the money factor.

According to, post secondary can cost anywhere between $20,000-$30,000 depending on what area or work where you want to further in their life as an adult.

Upcoming students will have to pay for tuition, student fees, and living expenses. When most students graduate from post-secondary they are broke.

Getting a job can be difficult for fresh graduated students because they might not have the experience for the job they want, and it is also hard for them go get job because there is very little job openings.

The key issues in continuing your education in university or college are finding ways to manage your time, expenses, and having a place to stay. How much do you need to spend every week? How will you balance this all? Do you just say screw it and go with it, or do you come up with a way that you can get so much money a month and find way to use it wisely?

Decreasing the price of post-secondary education would lead to more students graduating.

Alyssa Lutz,

Souris Regional

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