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LETTER: Dumville decision disappoints elector

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As a resident of West Royalty- Springvale, I was disappointed by my MLA’s decision to resign. I have been a supporter of Mr. Bush Dumville and respected him as an individual, as an MLA, and how he stood up for our district.

However, I am questioning whether his resignation was a rash decision. He was elected by residents to work on the behalf of all of us. For him to make such a sudden decision, without asking his constituents how they would feel about it, is disappointing.

I have heard that perhaps Mr. Dumville was upset not to be in the latest cabinet. That may be the case. Maybe there is more to the story. But even so, he was elected to represent us and we elected him as a member of the government.

Yes, government is there is help all Islanders – regardless of which district they live in – but for my MLA to walk away and not even consult with constituents is a big disappointment.

Al Malone,

District 15 resident

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