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LETTER: District 11 byelection harbinger of change?

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The upcoming District 11 by-election is possibly one of the most

important in recent memory.

For the PCs, the uncontested appointment of Melissa Hilton as their nominee is a test of their new leader, James Alyward, as he builds the team he envisions.

Bob Doiron, shifted the focus of his campaign onto Wade MacLauchlan when he proclaimed that Liberals don’t debate, stating that the leader speaks for the party. This byelection will reflect strongly on how pleased or dissatisfied the electorate is with the MacLauchlan government.

For the NDP, a strong third place or better finish is vital for the

party to remain relevant and possibly for Mike Redmond to remain the leader.

For the Greens, Peter Bevan-Baker polls as the most popular Island

politician and the Greens have chosen an excellent, well-spoken and intelligent candidate. The question for them will be if Islanders are ready for a change from the traditional dominant parties?

The number of Green signs in front of District 11 houses, unlike the other parties whose signs appear to be cluttering public spaces, may be an early indication of a possible win for Hannah Bell or it may simply be a result of enthusiastic visionaries who believe things can be better?

Phil Ferraro

District 11 Resident,


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