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LETTER: Day to reflect on refugees

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Today, Dec. 18 is the International Migrants’ Day. Over the holidays, in between shopping and parties, we wish to invite you to reflect upon our role as a nation, as a community, and as individuals in the situation of thousands of brothers seeking refuge and migrating to Canada for different reasons.

These days, people are gathering in a caravan heading to the USA border. These people have been forced to leave their lands, displaced by the consequences of climate change, lack of opportunities, destruction resulting from Canadian extractive industries, or escaping violence. They are going hungry, and they are feeling uncertain and afraid.

We invite you to take a look at their situation from the perspective of solidarity, the kind of solidarity that made it possible to build a nation with the contributions of Indigenous people and generations of migrants.

Today we remember all the generations of migrants who built Canada and all the migrants who want to continue contributing to a better country and a better world.

It is because we believe in rights of all people, that we share this declaration with you.

Paola Flores,

Cooper Institute

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