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LETTER: Couple justified in making complaint

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I'm surprised that you would print the letter of Bruce MacEwen who states that a Quebec couple shouldn't complain when their cottage rate would more than double compared to the previous year. He mis-states they had the same rate for 30 years, when your article says a dozen.

Bruce's argument I guess is that an agreement with a previous owner, who recognized the elderly couple as loyal guests, shouldn't be kept.

I'm assuming if he booked a getaway for $100 a night and was told new management now wanted $250, he would not complain.

Gouging may be a way of doing business in P.E.I. in the summer, but it doesn't make it right. Typically, when you stay longer you get a better deal and many hotels reward loyalty. Thirty years of staying at the same place is almost unheard of, but looks like the new owners have stopped that streak dead in its tracks.

The couple offered to pay $3,500, which according to the Chalet Grand-Pre website is what they charge to get a cottage for three weeks. So, Bruce, I think the couple has ample room to complain. Perhaps you have the money and easy-going nature to get fleeced and not care, but many of us don't have that luxury.

Neill Evans,


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