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LETTER: Council supports APM development

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There is a shortage of affordable/accessible housing for people with disabilities on P.E.I. and particularly in Charlottetown. The 2009 P.E.I. Disability Services Review: Final Report, identified that there is a critical need for housing for people with disabilities.

The P.E.I. Council of People with Disabilities currently has a

waiting list of over 100 individuals that are living in inappropriate

housing due to the lack of inventory and housing options. The

crisis has gotten considerately worse as the City of

Charlottetown’s planning department continues to approve

projects that replace affordable housing options with condos and

student residences.

So you can imagine our amazement as we watch the process

unfold around the proposed development by APM on Richmond

Street. We think this is a great project that will enhance our

downtown, strengthen our community, and help many people

are looking for affordable/accessible living space.

The home is one of the fundamental places that gives shape and meaning to peoples’ everyday lives. The home ideally should offer a combination of rest, peace, quiet, comfort and health.

The P.E.I. Council of People with Disabilities has daily requests

in the Charlottetown office from people with disabilities who are

looking for a wide range of accessible housing options. Due to

the limited inventory available, we have no options when trying to

assist these citizens with their housing needs. It is for these

reasons that we support the proposed APM housing

development on Richmond Street.

Marcia Carroll,

Executive Director,

P.E.I. Council of People with Disabilities

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