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LETTER: Council needs to get to work

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We have real issues that need council’s attention. One huge issue is the amount of Airbnb’s currently operating in our city. Contributing to the current housing crisis. Someone was asleep at the helm for this many to escape city halls attention and this was before our current mayor was in office.

Since it’s going to be awhile before the housing crisis is fixed why not vote on how many should be operating in a small area. Revoke the licenses if need be. People are freezing because they don’t have a warm place to stay and council is arguing on what committee they should be chairperson of?

Not to mention voting against Mayor Brown’s choice of an advisory committee. More hidden agendas? This is supposed to be fair . . . but doesn’t seem that way to me. What is the mayor’s role exactly since you keep clipping his wings? A figurehead?

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Another issue -- lack of proper garbage sorting in our city. It was implemented 16 years ago. Enough time to be a master at it but still a huge problem.

People go hungry every day because all their money goes to rent. Grocery prices keep climbing.

If you’re not part of the solution to these issues I outlined then you’re part of the problem. You have enough real issues that need solutions. I’m tired of streaming live episodes of “Days of Our Lives.”

Tamara MacDonald,


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