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LETTER: Costs too high for new arena

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Charlottetown has its eye on another sports/concert/performance space, at $80 million plus. We've seen this movie before, though, and you know we're talking about north of $100 million in the end. Sports and public entertainment are important aspects of society, and they should be supported.

However, is this really a prudent expenditure considering the City's needs for mitigating climate change (beyond green-washing), removing diesel buses still farting out carcinogenic gases, dealing with homeless lining our streets, street repairs each year - more than can be handled, etc.

But the City doesn't expect to pay for most of the work. They imagine partners will.

First, local business. Isn't this the very same sector whining about

paying their lowest workers a little more and indignant at being asked to pay closer to their fair share of taxes?

Next, provincial money. Are our health care issues all handled? Are our mental health services all good now? Do our citizens all have adequate food, housing and the other necessities of life? If those things were only true! In fact, money from the province would directly reduce our ability to deal with the real problems the province faces.

Finally, potential federal money. Sadly, that might happen, because the province has the right party in power, but the ongoing deficits run by Ottawa tell me that something would be sacrificed in order to provide these funds for a sports complex.

$100 million dollars – what are we thinking? Surely not!

Harry Smith,


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