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I believe the provincial government and medical association have to implement a program to send at least five students per year to medical school to be general practitioners, with a contract that makes them practice on P.E.I. for five to 10 years after graduating. There would a continuous flow of doctors to P.E.I. after the first graduation. There could be some arrangements made to take a reasonable cut of their salary to pay for the education over five to 10 years in practice. I know some doctors would stay, some would work in their own small communities forever and others would leave for greener pastures after the five to 10 years pay back. To solve some of the wait problems at QEH Emergency, allow the nurse practitioners to work in this section. Many people coming to emergency need an antibiotic, IV for dehydration, x-rays after a fall, heart monitoring or something to stop vomiting. Many ailments do not require an MD. Too often there is nowhere else to go to get a simple treatment, and yet some patients wait for five to six hours and are never seen. I would rather see a nurse practitioner than go home with NO treatment. Such simple solutions. If governments can put a man on the moon surely there is enough grey matter amongst those in power to solve this earthly problem.

Flora Thompson


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