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LETTER: Co-op program would help out

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Souris student Sarah Blaisdell makes an excellent point in her letter “Too much push towards university.” She, and many high school seniors, feel a great deal of pressure to quickly choose a university and a course in life, “even though we don’t know what we want to do yet.”

I’ve said for years it’s a lousy system - having to decide what you want for the rest of your life before you’re even 18 years old. We don’t have the luxury of Harry Potter’s ‘sorting hat’ (if you don’t know what that is, Google it). There needs to be a better way of helping these kids decide their future.

Recently, there was a front-page article about autobody shops having a hard time finding technicians to replace an aging workforce. Same with other trades - a shortage of carpenters, plumbers, electricians. Perhaps the government could create some kind of post-high school, co-op program.

‘You don’t want to start a four-year university course this fall? How about a four-month work term in one of the trades? We’ll set you up with a local company, pay you a decent wage and you can give it a try. If it’s not to your liking, try another one.’ Maybe, by that time, the student will have a better idea if this might be their path and can enter a training program, or maybe they’ll have had time to give university choices a better look.

Lloyd Kerry,


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