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LETTER: Clifford Lee should depart mayor's role

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee was wearing a special pin on his lapel at Monday night’s council meeting to honour the memory of those who died in the bus accident in Humboldt, Sask., last week. He also ordered the city’s flags flown at half-mast and announced that people can sign a book of condolences at City Hall. Lee also sent his condolences to Humboldt Mayor Rob Muench.
Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee

Mayor Clifford Lee’s new patronage job makes this point clear. He should exit the mayor’s chair now and cut the fluff. For years he has been riding two financial horses: Holland College and City Hall, moonlighting under the sun.

Lee’s new second horse is “special advisor for the province’s housing plan.” While he points out his great passion for and interest in housing, he quickly adds that having been much involved in Charlottetown’s housing activity for 30 years, nothing has worked. Wow. Now what?

Lee admits that his new plum job may generate conflict of interest scenes with him as mayor. In these cases, he says that he’ll leave the room. He should leave the mayor’s room now and turn in the key. Mayor Peter Kelly and his staff are there to deal with city matters as they do now.

The mayor’s earlier work at Holland College left little time for city duties outside occasional council meetings and photo shots. More of the same now.

The Charlottetown mayor’s salary this year is listed at $65,000, more than enough for a full-time position for which he was elected. It is hinted that his new salary scale will be much more lucrative. Heath MacDonald and Co. in the provincial cabinet should inform the public what this new plum salary is. Is it $100,000 or more. Just tell us.

Art O’Shea,


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