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LETTER: Clearly room for disagreement

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In “Repair regional relations before it’s too late” (Dec. 20), Robert Roach of the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies criticizes mayors and provincial premiers for representing the interests of their constituents instead of asking ‘Is this a good project for Canadians?’ The projects he refers to are the efforts to “expand Canada’s pipeline infrastructure.”

Mr. Roach (also an employee of the Alberta bank ATB Financial) seems to take it for granted that more pipelines are better for Canada as a whole. But if some in Alberta are made better off and others in the rest of the country are made worse off (risking pipeline leaks and offshore tanker disasters), there is clearly room for disagreement about whether such projects are in the national interest.

In any case, additional pipelines are not needed. Last year, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives published an important study by scientist J. David Hughes, “Can Canada Expand Oil and Gas Production, Build Pipelines and Keep Its Climate Change Commitments?” His answer? ‘No’.

Rod Hill,

Professor of Economics,

UNB, Saint John

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