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LETTER: City’s task force needs to act now

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EDITOR: Thursday's editorial regarding any hope for a multi-use sports and entertainment complex in our city said it all. Why has the federal government given near $20 million to Moncton's Avenir Centre; assistance to Summerside's Credit Union Place and offered $1.4 billion for Calgary's bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics. Why, indeed, since these cities all benefit from for-profit sports teams in their sport facilities?

For MP Sean Casey to now inform Charlottetown that it does not qualify for federal funding because a professional basketball and major junior hockey team are tenants of Eastlink Centre is ludicrous. There is a blatant double standard at play here and the time for Island sports fans and supporters to make their disappointment known is now.

The city's Task Force needs to act now. Complacency has no place in these discussions. P.E.I. Storm and the Charlottetown Islanders deserve more respect as do all fans and supporters of East Link Centre.

Sally Anne MacKinnon-Larter,


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