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LETTER: City councilor confuses reader

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Upon reading the article in the Thursday edition of the Summerside Journal-Pioneer, I am at a loss as to what the councillor for Ward 5, Hillcrest-Platte River, was talking about. Anyone who has an interest in bringing economic development to our city would know that by supporting the efforts of our province we would only enhance the probability of success.

Mr. Campbell has a point in saying that he does not recall what occurred during the last Council Meeting. I base my assumption on his performance at the All Candidates Meeting at the theatre prior to the election where he appeared to be totally confused and barely coherent. As a matter of fact, his misguided opinion on this matter has proven to this writer that my decision to vote for one of the other candidates in the past civic election was spot on.

As a concerned citizen and a former city councillor, I would advise Mr. Campbell to spend his efforts seeking the support of other councillors to address the dangerous situation at Pope Road and Central Street.

Elmer H. Williams,

Resident, Ward 5

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