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LETTER: Change needed In how we operate

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The recently announced special warrant spending on Health P.E.I. of over $21 million, has me asking is there a better way? How can P.E.I. live within its financial means while still providing the care Islanders need to stay healthy?

If we take a different approach and become proactive rather than reactive, we can save millions and Islander's lives. We have people waiting months for ultrasounds or other tests, when specially set up community ultrasound/lab testing offices, much like what is done for pap smear testing, could reduce wait times, increased community jobs, reduced ER costs, and prevent frustration of physicians in trying to obtain the best care for their patients.

Would this eliminate waits that can ultimately turn into emergency care situations while building community/rural care?

Drug care costs are becoming a huge cost to government “generic drug program and the catastrophic drug program saw an increase of 4,000 more clients, leading to higher costs for government.” A P.E.I. Centre of Excellence to guide health professionals in advising their patients - research/best practices on preventative solutions to chronic diseases.

P.E.I. Is fortunate to have a local manufacturer of vitamins and if vitamin deficiency corrected can alleviate some chronic conditions shouldn't we look into it? Vitamins vs. drugs or pennies a day versus dollars a day could save money and lives lived with chronic disease.

We have overworked physicians, frustrated Islanders, and increased sick care costs, maybe we need a change in how we operate.

Tracey Allen,


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