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LETTER: Cavendish needs ramp to beach

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For years now I have watched people struggle down the steps leading to Cavendish Beach. I have watched families struggle with wagons, strollers, baskets, wheelchairs, carts etc. I have watched numerous buses come with tourists young and old and have seen them stand at the top of the boardwalk because they can’t navigate the sand covered stairs. I have seen them try and watched them slip. I have watched as parents leave their kids at the top of the stairs as they take down their beach gear and then run back up to get their kids.

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I have contacted our local MLA who says it’s a federal issue. I have contacted our federal MP who said to me last year that a ramp will be built this year. Well, it’s not built and I found out today there wasn’t enough money in the capital budget to do it this year. Brackley Beach has had a ramp for numerous years, why not Cavendish, which is just as busy.

Is the safety of all those beach-goers not important, to say nothing of the inconvenience they put up with? Today as we went down the sand covered stairs I slipped, and so did two other senior people. A lawsuit waiting to happen. And don’t say it’s the lifeguards job to clean the stairs off. Their job is to watch over the swimmers, not shovel sand. I’m imploring whoever is responsible please build that ramp before someone’s vacation and maybe life is jeopardized.

Joyce Phillips,

Stanley Bridge

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