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LETTER: Carbon argument makes no sense

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I have a pet peeve (several actually). It is of writers who proclaim that since Canada produces less than two percent of carbon emissions that any reductions here would be too insignificant to matter internationally.

A recent letter to the editor, for instance, estimated P.E.I.’s contribution at 3/1000’s of Canada’s emissions and thus questioned the necessity of measures to reduce them.

This kind of like saying I should be allowed to litter because my litter hardly makes any difference at all.

This logic could be extended to say, for example, that perhaps Canada should withdraw RCMP services from P.E.I. since we cause such a small portion of national crime. Or how about prohibiting red heads (other than orphans) from government because there are just too few of them?

On a per capita basis, Canada is one of the world’s worst carbon emitters. Reductions are necessary on a world scale, a national scale and yes, a provincial scale. It is a matter of doing our share.

We can debate the measures to be adopted (e.g. are carbon taxes even effective?), but it should be clear that we have to do our part. So please lay off the “too small to matter” argument. Please.

Don Pridmore,


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